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dr Diep surgery 9/1/17



Hello everyone, I am 32 and I recently went fue surgery w dr. Diep on 9/1. I was a little out of it post surgery but I believe the number of grafts I got was 2347 but I will double check w the office. I did a ton of research and after 10 months made the jump to go w dr. Diep based off his positive reviews on this site, his YouTube videos, his references he provided me with and the overall consultation w him that made me feel comfortable. I am one day post op and the pain is not that bad. I had a strip surgery about 7 years ago and it was not that successful so that's why I got another surgery. I also may need a small one in a year around my crown but we will see when that time comes. For the past year I have been taking finasteride w no sexual side effects etc. for the past 7 months I have been washing my hair w nizoral twice a week. Any comments on how my grafts looks one day post up would be appreciated. Looks like he packed them in heavily in very front which I requested and needed. Also any advice on anything else pertaining to next few weeks/months would be greatly appreciated as well. I will do my best to update when I can

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