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NW3 3200 grafts with Dr Erdogan




Update 30/09/2017


I have created a forum thread to follow my HT progress. Rather than duplicate here I'll just put a link to my forum thread here:





Hi Guys

I have been a long time reader of this site and have never joined or contributed.

I felt now was the time for me to hopefully give something back.

After much self debate and research I decided to have a HT with ASMED (Dr Koray Erdogan) In Istanbul.

It was hard making the decision to get a HT or not. Part of me thought just shave it off and get on with life, the other part wanted that hairline back. I am well aware that over time I will end up with thinner hair coverage and possibly bald areas on my head. Hair transplants aren't going to give me hair like my early twenties for life, and the transplanted hair will thin out a little over the years too. For me the most important part is my hairline as it frames the face. If I had a good hairline and were thinner round the crown it would bother me less than the receding hair line does. It changes your look entirely as I saw immediately after my transplant. My plan is to fix the front with the hair transplant then try to maintain my existing hair without fin. I may opt for another transplant or 2 in the future to blend the front hairline in gradually to the back as and when it thins out. I hope cloning will be about before I run out of donor hair lol. If not I would quite happily shave my head and get Micropigmentation to hide any scars if necessary and fill in the fill in the transplanted hairs to give the illusion of density. I quite like the buzzed look when you can see a good hairline.

I told some family, my girl friend and some friends before the HT and some afterwards but not everyone. I worried a lot about telling people but thought I would rather tell them than try to hide it. They were all supprisingly supportive, I am also quite fortunate that I am travelling from day 10 through to 3.5 months so I can go through the ugly duckling phase whilst away.

Here are the details of my HT

  • I'm 38 and this is my first HT
  • I take Minoxidil (I stopped taking 3 weeks prior to surgery)
  • I used to take Fin (8 years) but stopped 4 years ago due to slight sides and not wanting to be on meds for life
  • I use Lipogaine big 3 and Pura dor shampoo cycled every bottle (Stopped 2 weeks prior to surgery)
  • I use the Hairmax Laser Combe (Stopped 2 weeks prior to surgery)

The surgery cost 8000 I had 3260 ish grafts in the end. That included all transfers, hotel for 2 nights, surgery and post opp care package.

I will add the graft details later, I'm away travelling for a few months and don't have the details with me

  • My donor capacity was 8300 approx
  • My hair diameter was 0.63 Microns

Here are some pictures pre opp

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I like the way you have described the shedding phase. The "ugly duckling phase". Haha. I am currently in my ugly duckling phase.

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