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My thougts about getting a hair transplant



I have been thinking a lot about doing something about my thining hairline and of course i have been doing a lot of research on my options. It looks like a hair transplant is my best option at the moment. That being said it also looks like if I could wait for another 3-5 years, there might be some other alternatives to transplants. I have been reading about stemcells and the possibilities of a regenerative cure that stemcell research actually could provide us with.

My thought is: Sure i could wait 5 years for an effective, cheap and healthy cure for baldness but there might not be a cure within this timeperiod. That is my big dilemma, should i wait and hope for an alternative or should i just go for the hair transplant? They might even improve the way they do hairtransplants within this 5 year timeframe.

I have written more about this on my danish blog about hairloss if some fellow danes have the same thoughts or issues with their hair going missing.

I know that this is a lot of speculation and some might even think im stupid for having these thoughts. My reason for asking myself all these questions is that i am still young(early twenties) and i am afraid i might loose a lot of my hair in the future. Sure i could have a hair transplant now but whats the point if hair around the area keeps falling off, I might end up needing 4-5 hair transplants in total. I know i could use medicin like Propecia but I fear the side effects of the drug and I am not willing to take the chance. Correct me if I am wrong, but there is no medicin or other treatment that has a 100% or just 90% successrate stopping the continuing hairloss. And if there is it must have some side effects that might change your life.

Please leave a comment if you also have been wondering about the future of hairloss cures and treatments.


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