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FuT Hair Transplant with Dr. Diep in LOS gatos



I am a 27 year old male currently at a Norwood 4. I have been researching hair loss solutions since I was like 19 around the time I started noticing my hair loss. Like most guys with hair loss my self esteem took a big hit and I started styling my hair to hide my receding hair line/hair loss. I even reacheded out to some doctors when I was 20 just to ask questions about hair transplants. From all the research I did i came to the conclusion that it would be best to wait untill my hair loss was more predicatable. My hair kept gradually thinning in the frontal and crown mainly and I decided not to take any prevention meds like Fin and rogaine due to side effects and inconvience. I decided to just hold on to what hair I had untill I was ready for a transplant one day. My plan was to wait it out till my late 20's-30. Well after I got married at 24 and settled down for a year I actually came to a point where I just accepted that I would be bald eventually and decided to not do a transplant anymore. I got comfortable with where I was in life but was still self consious about my hair loss. I kept using caboki to hide my hair loss and it always took me a while to do my hair cause I was styling to hide the hair loss of course. Eventually it hit me that I need to do something cause my hair bothers me to much. Plus the technology is here so why not. I could also afford it so it just made sense. I started researching like crazy in the summer 2016 and eventually booked a hair transplant FUT 5000 grafts with Dr. Diep in JULY 2017.

Well July 20, 2017 I finally had an FUT procedure with Dr. Diep in LOS Gatos. I got 4818 grafts placed mainly in my frontal and crown. I am super excited about how everything went and cant wait for the results. I am following all the doctors post op care instructions religiously. Overall the process was great. I am only day 5 currently but so far everything looks good. I had some serious swelling the first few days due to not sleeping correctly and its also expected. Just wanted to post my story and show my results as time goes on. I decided to do FUT because I will most likely have advance hair loss so I wanted to move as much hair as possible. Plus I dont like to wear my hair short so the scar doesnt bother me too much (hopefully it heals good). My donor hair is pretty solid currently but since im still young that can change which is my bigest concern. I hope this transplant will last me a solid 10 years before i may need another one if I chose. Dr. Diep is great and he did a great job. He is a pro no doubt. Originally I was not gonna shave my head but Dr. Diep convinced me to get the best results I should shave so i did. I dont regret shaving at all because in the end its all about getting the best results. I got 2.5 weeks off work so I should be good to go by then. Feel free to ask any questions.


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