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Dr Ball Surgery UK May 2017



Dr Edward Ball - Surgery June 14 2017

1991 Grafts (Initial consultation was 1250 grafts)

Hi All,

Just wanted to say hi as i'm a new member and also to post some pics of my recent procedure in the UK with Dr Ball at the Maitland Clinic.

Without going off on a tangent that i will leave for another blog regarding hair loss history, i basically wanted more density for my hairline and also frontal third of my scalp. Two previous procedures in the UK that i did not do my research well enough resulted in a stalky and very thin hairline that had to be brushed forward to conceal the work. My crown remains unaffected by hair loss and i am not taking any meds because of sides.

The Consultation

10/10 compared to what i had experienced before. I had a long discussion with David Anderson and then Dr Ball about what i was hoping for and what had gone before, the wealth of knowledge between them was fantastic and i knew very quickly that i had trust in them to do a good job. Dr Ball is so easy to talk to and as someone who works in healthcare I was very impressed with his attention to detail and skill at putting you at ease during the consultation.

David being very experienced and a veteran of many procedures also offers fantastic insight and it is very much a team effort between two guys who obviously live and breath hair transplants.

I left the consultation with zero doubts and for once all of my questions answered fully in a realistic and empathetic way. After two previous less than great HT's it was so pleasing to find that the consultation was every bit as good as the many before and afters i had seen of Dr Ball's work. The examination of my hair and also miniturizion was also done in a considered and non rushed way.

This was my 4th consultation and the difference between Maitland and any other UK clinic inc Farjo was night and day.

The Procedure

On the day i got a taxi from Portsmouth Premier Inn to the clinic and straight into the waiting room, no nerves as i had been down this road before. I ordered lunch with the receptionist and after 10 mins Dr Ball came in to greet me. We went into Dr Ball's office to begin hair line design and to discuss the day ahead and take some photos. Again compared to my other procedures where the surgeon had more thn one client in day Dr Ball took his time getting everything right and involving me in every decision. My previous procedures resulted in some rogue random hairs that were too low and in totally the wrong place so we discussed not being bullied by these hairs and making sure the temporal angles were natural and age appropriate (i'm 39). I left that office with 100% confidence in the man put it that way.

Anyway I was prepped for FUT strip removal as i already had a large FUT scar which Dr Ball was going to use and improve. Dr Ball uses a device that vibrated when the needles go in to numb the area and it really helps with the pain. We were off and Dr Ball and his team set me up with apple tv and i looked forward to some films.

The whole time Dr Ball was friendly, engaging and caring and you felt in a very safe pair of hands. The hours drifted by and everything went as i expected it would until finally it was over and i had 1991 grafts. First look in the mirror was a delight really as you could see the quality of the work and also the density so much better than the last two times at other clinics. Yes i had a weird shaved front hair style and knew a good nights sleep was a few weeks away but i was really, genuinely happy.

Dr Ball took some more photos which he promised to email me and Janna Shafer came in to see the results and have a catch up. As i left to get my taxi i got a hug from Dr Ball and made my way back to the hotel.


Finally a clinic in the UK that you can be really 100% confident in with world class people involved and i mean that when i say it. From the first contact i made to where i am now at 6 weeks post op I am glad i finally found the right man for the job.




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