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Dr Nader Hair transplant



I just had my first hair transplant on 7/09/2017 after been in market to find best doctor for best price for 3 years. I normally dont do review unless

I really believe it is worth it. Doctor Nader is amazing, honest, patient, knowledgeable, and awesome at what he is doing. I had 3 consultation with

hair tranplant Doctor in the US, and I have today they just want charge you arms and legs.

I had my 4000 grafts in two sessions in two consecutive days, and I have to say it was really smooth and painless.

I did this review to prove to some people it is possiable to get affordable hair transplant and get good result too.

First 3 pictures are pre-op and two middle are 2 days post-op, and last 3 picture are 6 days post op.

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Hey there, I’m also considering Dr Nader. How has your experience been since then. Has your hais held strong? Do you mind if I picked your brain for a litle? They are very hard to get a hold of so any tips are appreciated.

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