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A successful hair transplant at "Elithair Transplant" clinic



2 weeks ago I was in Istanbul and I performed FUE hair transplant at ELITHAIR TRANSPLANT clinic.

I would like to write here about my experience because I am really satisfied about the treatment and it is the best way to thank Elithair and their team.

Firstly, I decided to do my hair transplant in Istanbul because prices are amazingly reasonable and also I have never been there before. So, exploring Istanbul and have the treatment (2 in 1). It was really a good idea.

I had to find a clinic so I started to search on internet and I contacted several clinics. I was confused but at the end I have chosen Elithair because of many reasons:

- They have long years of experience in hair treatment

- Their quick and professional replies

- Their honesty which I touched through their replies to me

- Dr. Balwi who is considered as one of the best surgeon in the field

- They do their surgeries in one of the best hospitals

In Istanbul, everything went smoothly and everything was exactly as we discussed. No hidden costs, no false information.

The procedure steps were exactly as they described starting with shaving the hair.

After that they started to extract the hair grafts from the back of my head (the donor area) and this process was done with a very advanced tool. They placed the grafts in nutrition liquid to preserve it.

Later on a micro channels were made in the bald area in order to place the grafts there.

Even the team who was working were capable of doing the procedures but Dr. Balwi was there all the time supervising and making sure everything is going well.

During the treatment, I felt very comfortable as I was on a fine chair and I had lunch break.

I got many instructions from Dr. Balwi about how to clean my head, how the new hair will fall and grow again, how to sleep, what to eat, not to do sport…etc.

Before departure I had time to explore Istanbul. It is a really beautiful city. I recommend everyone to go there and also if you want to do the hair transplant, do it with Elithairtransplant and Dr. Balwi. They are the best.

I will update you with my photos so you can see the progress


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