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Scheduled Another FUE with Rahal in Nov 17



I've had 2 FUE procedures with Dr. Rahal. I'm now a 48 year old male who had extensive hair loss and was a NW 5A to 6. My first procedure was in 2014 where Rahal did a 2,000 graft restoration to my frontal zone. The second, a a year later in 2015, where he did another 1,500 grafts to add another band of coverage right behind the frontal zone. My crown is still relatively untouched, so since I've had some excellent experiences with Rahal, I've decided to go back for another 1,000 to 1,500 grafts to add some more coverage and shrink the size of the bald crown. I certainly know it won't be full coverage, but given where I started, I would be really happy to just decrease the size of the bald crown. I've attached a pic for any comments or suggestions. I know Rahal will make it look natural and I'm very confident in his skills. I'm from the NJ/NY area and decided to go with him because he would do FUE rather than FUT for my case. I liked the fact that he did my cases in stages - no large 3k or 4k graft sessions, to ensure graft survivability and growth.

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