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Dr. Kyriakos Maras of HDC in Cyprus - hair transplant booked!



Hi All

I have recently booked a hair transplant with Dr Kyriakos Maras of HDC in Cyprus.

I am understandly nervous but also looking forward to possibly seeing an end to this terrible curse of thinning and balding hair

I booked Dr Kyriakos Maras and HDC through reviews and reccomendations on this site and so I hope I am in good hands.

So far I have been dealing with a gentleman named George who is their customer relations guy. He is very charming, efficient and has been a pleasure to deal with. At no point has he tried to upsell me anything or coerce me into any decisions which has been good. So far so good and great first impressions.

SO I have booked for 3-4th July to have 3000 grafts done at HDC. I am staying from the Sunday before the proceedure (2nd July) to the Friday (7th July). I am staying in the accomadation provided free of charge by HDC and I'll let you guys know what thats like when I arrive.

I have saved up to have this procedure done and so I really hope it is as good as the before and after pictures HDC display on their website and on here.

I will keep a regular blog for you guys and any advice along the way from you will also be welcome.

I am nervous as hell but here we go!

I have uploaded some pics of my current hairline.

All Best







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