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Dr. Alexander Recommendation 2800 Grafts



I had a hair transplant through Dr. Alexander on June 2, 2017, and so far I couldn't be happier. I had spent a considerable amount of time researching the different surgeons in the Phoenix area, and ultimately chose Dr. Alexander based upon reviews and his before and after photos. The other surgeons whom I had reviewed their work looked unatural, whereas Dr. Alexander's patient photos had normal nice looking heads of hair. In my opinion the big company around the nation does discount work, and when it comes to investing in the appearance of your hair, a discount doctor seems high risk.

My consultaion was straight forward, and the price was very reasonable given what I knew of the prevailing rates. The surgery itself was actually quite pleasant. His staff is kind, caring, and attentive, which immediately put my mind at ease. Dr. Alexander is a great guy with a good sense of humor. I actually had a good time during the procedure, between conversations with the staff and Dr. Alxander, and watching my favorite movies during the surgery. I mean come on, if you have to have elective surgery, what could be better than watching your favorite movies?

Now unfortunately I had to have a strip surgery because the back of my head had a big bump on the back and folds of wrinkled skin, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 1) Dr. Alexander got rid of the weird wrinkled skin, and 2) the scar is already very small. I have seen some of the scars online and they look like leather face, but my hair is at a 1 guard and you can already barely see it. That's after 12 days, my guess is the scar will be tiny when it fully heals.

Recovery is not that big of a deal. I only had to take the prescribed pain killers the first day, and took tylonel for a couple of days after that. I wore a hat to the office while it healed, and at day 12 I have almost no scabs.

As far as appearance so far, I am pretty damn happy. I did have the shock loss for most of the hair which 97% of patients experience, but I still have quite a bit of hair, and the hairline looks great. I mean look at that noggin before hand, that stuff was weak! When it comes in full it's going to be like I am in my twenties again.

So, for anyone considering a hair transplant, stop considering. The procedure is really not that big of a deal, recovery is quick, and if you are looking at Dr. Alexander, I recommend you look no further.


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