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June 8, 2017



Exactly one week post op. Dr. Path says the folicles are pretty well 'set' in place after five days, but truly set after seven days. So this means I can relax a little more and be a little less conscious of the new implants. When showering, I can now lather in shampoo as normal, whereas before I could only gently tap the transplanted area with shampoo.

The scalp feels dry and you can see the scabs starting to flake off, but my scalp still has the purple/blue look on the area of the transplants. As the scabs flake off, I can see normal looking skin beneath.

The stitches will come off in a couple of days, and I can't wait for that. Then, it's time to fly back to America, can't wait for that either. Normally, a Thai vacation is a lot of fun, but I've been taking it easy and trying to avoid going outside into the heat, and sweating. Maybe that's overkill on my part, but doing all that I can for this to be successful is my ultimate goal. I'm very pleased with the number of graphs and I can feel them on my scalp, there's many many more than I expected. I can't wait to see how they turn out in 6 or 7 months. I know many, if not all, of the implanted hairs will drop out, but it's fun to feel hair in places that have been vacant for decades:)

The donor area is healing nicely. Dr. Path uses two techniques to seal the wound. First, he uses a biodegradable thread with a very high density stitch pattern. Second, he uses a thicker thread stitched every couple of centimeters. The first dissolves on it's own and the second must be removed manually.


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It's great to see some recent work from Dr Path - looks great so far. I live in Australia and am considering my options. Like everyone considering HT I am doing months of research before making a decision. I am leaning towards Dr Path due to his great reviews, experience/awards proximity to Australia but am willing to travel to US for a better job. There is a lot less information around about Dr Path than other recognised HT surgeons in the US. Would love an update of your progress 3 months on. This would be really helpful as I am thinking about booking in soon. Also interested that you travelled form US to Bangkok when there are so many good surgeons over there......



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3 months 22 days Post Op.


Anyway, I'm just now getting comfortable going out without a hat, although I still think the hair has a ways to go. You can see in these photos. Dr. Path said December/January will be when it's mostly complete. Although I have a lot of longer hairs visible now, you can see new ones popping through. I don't expect my hair will be as dense as others, as my hair is fine and not that dense to begin with.

I chose Dr. Path because of the cost. Originally I had chosen and booked a doctor at Yanhee, for much less, but decided to switch to Dr. Path after reading reviews for the other doctor. Having said that, it was only one bad review for the Yanhee doctor so I don't feel right naming him here. Dr. Path is actually not far off from the cost of a transplant in the US, but the savings were still significant. Also, my wife and I (who is Thai) got a lot of dental work done in Thailand while were there. With the savings from the transplant and dental work, the trip paid for itself.

Overall, very pleased with the work at this stage.













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