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3000 FUE Transplant



Hello everyone. I am new to the forum business and have rarely looked at one for any reason. However, I have found myself now looking to post in one. I cannot say this new found hobby will stick or even that I will contribute much to the conversation, but I thought nothing ventured nothing gained. So here we go...

My first realization of bolding did not come in the bathroom by myself looking at the hair in my hand, oh how I wish that was true, rather mine moment came very publicly. My blissful ignorance came crashing down during a game of Pictionary, yup you can guess where this is going but I'll tell it anyway. It was a room full of friends, about 20 or so of all ages, meaning of maturity levels. One of these "youngster" friends was attempting to draw a cue ball, rather poorly, and no one was getting it. So to my surprise I was brought into the game as a prop. The young man pointed to my head and then back at the squiggly marks on the paper that he called a circle... And from the crowd of 20, or so, came one word above all the chatter, that would forever eat at me, "balding?" The young man laughed and then shook his head no. That was it, nothing more was said about it for the rest of the night.

Before that happened I had no idea I was balding. It happened so gradually that I just didn't notice the change. But now that it had been brought to my attention I could see the change happening. Sure it was gradual, which I'm thankful for, but it was happening nonetheless. I finally got to a point that when someone would knock on the door I would grab a hat and put it on. I would try to keep my hair short enough so it didn't look ridiculous, but long enough to style in the front. I avoided looking down so as not to show the balding. I tried cutting my hair short but then people would ask me why did you do that.... Well hell what do you want me to do, I don't look good completely bald, and I look like I'm holding on too long if I grow it out. I was stuck in the middle with no straightforward answers. Some look good bald, I just do not... If I did it would be a hell of a lot cheaper for me!!!

So I finally decided to do what I've had been talking about for years. I got my FUE hair transplant. Luckily, my beautiful wife is understanding enough to allow me to spend that type of money. It was expensive but I'm hoping worth the cost. I had a 3000 FUE graft hair transplant and I am currently 39 days post-op. I plan to post pictures and talk about my experiences as I progress through the months. I've attached a photo of my hair prior to the transplant.


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