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Thailand FUT - Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich



The journey is scheduled...

I've booked my FUT procedure with Dr. Pathomvanich in Bangkok for June 1st! I'm excited, but also nervous, which is normal for any upcoming surgical procedure, I suppose.

I chose Thailand for two reasons, I have a Thai wife, and I'm familiar with the high level of service in private healthcare in Thailand.

I originally booked an FUT procedure with another Thai surgeon, but after some internet research (on this site) I decided to cancel and switch to Dr. Pathomvanich. However, he was fully booked. With two tickets to Thailand already purchased, I found myself in a fix; stay with the surgeon with bad internet reviews, or cancel the whole trip.

I caught a lucky break when one of Dr. Pathomvanich's other patients cancelled and opened a near perfect timeslot on June 1st. I'll have 10 days in BKK to heal before I head back to the U.S. on June 11

Question: if I have the surgery on June 1st, do you think I'll have time to travel in Thailand after sufficient healing, or will I be bound to the hotel room the entire 10 days?

From the photos I sent Dr. Pathomvanich, he suggest 3500 grafts, which may change after our initial consultation on May 31. I've gotten two estimates here in the US, one suggested 2500 grafts, and the other (Bosley) 3500. My hair is thin, and low density, in my opinion. I'll post some pics soon.

June 2nd, 2017

The hair transplant was a success and Dr. Pathomvanich was able to get more grafts than his estimate. The total figures final were: Total Grafts - 3623 Total Hairs - 7486 1 hair grafts - 425 2 hair grafts - 2467 3 hair grafts - 698 4 hair grafts - 0 In the US I was told 3500 would be high, and to expect 2500-3000. My overall impression of the clinic and staff was excellent all around. Dr. Pathomvanich is easy-going and professional. His demeanor is such that you immediately feel at ease in his presence, and that you've made the right choice in physicians. On surgery day, the staff of 12 is full of hustle and bustle, but all the while you're taken care of in a warm and friendly way. Once the procedure begins, everyone knows their tasks and they get down to business quickly. Regarding the procedure itself, at no time did I feel anything that crossed the threshold of actual pain. There were a couple of moments of slight discomfort from from the local anesthetic being injected, but no worse than a tetanus shot. I was given a couple of sleeping pills (Valium) and found myself nodding off from time to time, which helped the 8 hours pass quickly. If at any time you want to take a break, go to bathroom, or eat a sandwich, you need only ask. In fact, if you don't ask, they'll ask you if you want a break. During the procedure, on the first break, they take you to the different work stations and show you what everyone's doing. You can tell his staff love their work as much as he does, and they are eager to share their tasks with you. I was a little groggy, so I didn't ask many questions, but it really is fascinating work they do. I took a taxi back to my hotel, and while the traffic took a while, I wasn't out of it and didn't fall asleep. Back in the room I showered (not my head), and picked up some to go food around the corner. I was anticipating a lot of pain when the anesthetic wore off, but nothing like that occurred. I took the ibuprofen, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, and sleeping pill and went right to sleep. Some slight discomfort, but nowhere near what I had been expecting. The next morning, 5:00AM to be exact, I woke up from a sound sleep and had forgotten all about the surgery. I soon touched my head and remembered, then sprang out of bed to check the mirror. No blood, just redness and a little swelling As planned, I went back to Dr. Path's office for a shampooing and post op visit. All good so far. Now it's the second night after the operation and I feel good, but a slight amount of pain. I haven't taken any ibuprofen since morning though. I'll take one, with a sleeping pill, and call it a night. One more thing, the head band. I've been wearing it, and I do notice some puffiness above the band, but none below. Although, the nurse told me tomorrow and the next day the puffiness will increase, but then decrease permanently after that.


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The work looks good and should give a good improvement. But I wouldn't expect a dense result given a large area needed to be covered.

PS the reason you've not had many views is that I don't think many people view the blogs. You'll be better starting a new thread in the patient review section.

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