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Hair Transplant Date Fixed with Dr. Feriduni in June 2017. I am the happiest!



hi all, my name is Rahul and i am from India.

I have had 2 Hair Transplants Till Now. Both in India, with different doctors. First HT = FUT 2000 Grafts. Second HT = FUE 3000 Grafts (Grafts count, both time, as said by the doctors, but in India they are not ethical, and say something else, and do something else)

Now, My Whole STORY :

I have had 2 HT's till now and my age right now is 27 and a half. I know this age is too early to have 2 Ht's but i was totally naive and less educated. Plus you feel the anxiety to have an HT when your hair starts loosing rapidly, which happened with me. My first HT was FUT, to make the receded hairline come back to normal ( to make the hairline ). It looked fine to begin with, but within 2 years when the hair on the back of the hairline started thinning more and i was left with the transplanted hairline in the front, it became very evident that the Doctor who performed my HT was terrible, as he had Transplanted a totally unnatural Hairline with the temples way too ahead and that looked very awkward. The doctor's Name was Dr. Amit Gupta from Advance Hair Studio, Mumbai, India. At this point i would like to tell you all that never have any hair treatment at Advanced Hair Studios ( AHS ). They are only good in advertisements, not at all good in hair treatments. And to top it over, Dr. Amit Gupta is terrible, He does not at all thinks about the possible outcomes a young person can have due to a bad HT. These people are only interested in money.

Okay, so now i was 25, and i was having a totally UN-natural hairline and an FUT Strip Scar. And to top it over my crown hair started falling too. I felt restless and i wanted another HT. Also i want to let you know that i am an actor by profession, so for me, having good hair was important, otherwise i could have waited for another hair transplant. I used Toppik to survive, it helped me fine. But i decided not now. I wanted a good Ht now.

I had work to pursue and that requires me to be looking good with a healthy mop of hair, Genuine Hair. So, i decided, i am going to have another HT. My motive this time was to :

1. have density in the hairline and to make it look natural

2. to correct the temples

3. also to fill in the crown

I searched online and youtube, and i found one Dr. Gaurang Krishna, of Medlinks, New Delhi, India, whose work i liked. So, i went ahead and did a consultation with him. I told him about everything i wanted to achieve by this HT. He said okay, he will :

1. Give density and correct/repair the previous HT (only the hairline) to make it look natural.

2. he said he cannot correct the temples, and let it be that way.

3. for the crown, he said to wait for more 3 to 4 years as there is a chance of more hair fall there. And by the time he will give me PRP sessions to try to make my crown hair come back

Now, i was in doubt, to do the HT or not, this time it was going to be a FUE procedure. After thinking for some time i went ahead with him as i thought atleast the hairline would be natural and have more density, and i can use toppik at the crown till the PRP Sessions work. It all made sense to me at that time (and i regret that today, as in the heat of things and in anxiety to make things better i forgot that the donor is limited, i got to give it at a doctors hand who is the best in the business and can fix all the things, atleast could have fixed my temples, if not the crown ). So, he did the FUE HT and i was on a waiting period then, to finish the 12 months and let the hair grow to see the final outcome. In this time i started other work / other than acting and thought after i grow hair i would be back at it, as that was my forte. The only good thing within this time was that my other work flourished and it helped me keep off the tensions related to my hair!

Now 12-13 months passed, and the results of the latest FUE surgery were there, which i can see, but to my bad luck, it was not good, and not as i thought. What result i got :

1. Density was not as good as i wanted. Natural hairline was still not attained, the doctor only filled up as much he could in directionless manner. So, it was still very unnatural, with very less density.

2. temples were as decided, left alone, adding to the UN-naturalness appearance.

3. i had 3 PRP sessions, but they didn't work. I guess they did not know how to prepare a PRP in the first place, as if it would have been done correctly , some or the other benefits i would have gotten. But Nothing i got! Again i would say, Indian HT standards are way below the world.

4. The worst thing about this procedure was loosing some more hair from my Donor Area, which i might have used better if given those to an experienced surgeon.

So, Now, what next, as i am, as on 19 April 2017, about to be 27 and a half years old, and i have an acting career to pursue. I also have some very good Film offers lined up from 2017 end and so much more Acting work which i can do. Till now, in my successful previous time at acting, before the 2nd HT (FUE, 2 YEARS BACK) i have managed to show good hair on camera, either by using Toppik, or by using partial Hair Systems. But Now i don't want to fake. I have researched a lot in this time and i have found answers to my questions. Mainly because of these online forums such as hairrestorationnetwork.com or baldtruthtalk.com etc and i am fully aware of what can be done.

Also, in these last 2 years i have made friends with some of the Top actors here, and many of them have an HT, So natural, So good looking, Now i know that GOOD HAIR TRANSPLANTS can be achieved (but not in India). And after asking them, that how have they done it, all of them said that they have had an HT in U.S.A or in Europe. This was the affirmation i wanted, and i have it now.

From the Last 4 months i have been in contact with some of the best HT Surgeons Offices in U.S.A and Europe and i have finally decided to have a 3rd HT and this time not to regret. The best part till now in my case, as i see is that i still have a good donor area and my hair has stopped falling( thanks to using Finasteride and Biotin, and healthy lifestyle habits {No smoking, eating well etc } ).

I have decided on Doctor Bijan Feriduni, and at this point i totally think that he is among the best in the world. And i also have an HT Appointment in June from him. So, i'd be going to Belgium for the 3rd HT and i am super excited.

Shall keep you posted with my Hair pics and the procedure.


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