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Fue dense packing



hello everyone im new in this forum ,and i want to share my case

I decide to make dense packing on my hair line i cantact dermaplast in ancara turkey

And doctor keser told i need 1000 grafts

My photo before and after surgery




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I am searching for anyone that has gone to Turkey for a procedure. I found yours. Your hair line looks great. Can you tell me how you found this clinic and why you picked this DR. and how was your experience?

I have found this clinic:HARMONY CLINIC

Istanbul/Turkey Office

I sent them different pictures of my head and they sent me a quote of $2,600 to fill my front middle and back of my head. This includes everything from airport pickup to room and board food, procedure and follow up visit. Not air travel. I would not commit unless I had a person who was experienced in this clinic.

Any help in your process would help.

It looks like you found a winner.


Mark Hoffman

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