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My experience with finasteride



To any of you guys out there that are thinking of getting on some hairloss medication here is my own experience. I started taking finasteride approx 8 years ago and at first I believed I was suffering from the usual side effects but I now know that this was purely in my mind and have had great success with this medication and I have undoubtedly kept what I had from the day I started taking the meds !

I know some people are totally against the drug but in all honesty I believe that for guys that ar certain to progress to beyond a nw6 then the drug plays a vital roll in getting the best out of your hair transplant goals . It has in fact kept me off the surgeons table as I'm 100% certain I would have been very far gone without it . I got my medications from various online pharmacies in the begining but all very exspensive , over the last few years I have been put in contact with a gp here in the U.K. Via spex (hrn member) and now get approx 14 months supply of genuine branded proscar for around £160. This is a small price to pay to keep the hair you have and even improve hair quality if you are looking to go down the surgical route .

I hope this info can be of help and for interest I have had 3 children whilst taking the meds so "it's still working" :)


Here are the contact details for my gp who can help any of you U.K. Hairloss sufferers




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