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26 and been losing it for a few years,can anyone help?



Hey everyone.My story is that im losing my hair badly,i keep it short shave it with clippers to the shortest i can but the fact is it aint growing back.Im 26 and its getting me so so down and i need to do something about it.Im fit and healthly but dont have a massive income which i can spend.I have ordered Regaine extra strength(uk version of rogaine) and was wondering if this stuff works,does it help make hair grow back?I have heard of procepia also but really dont want to use it because i hear it causes sexual problems which i really dont want.Anybody out there can give me some advice??It would be so so appreciated,thank you for reading!


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I'm sorry to hear about your hair loss at such a young age. I had a similar experience. The only way to know if minoxidil will work for you is to give a go for at least 6 months. I understand your reluctance to try finasteride. It's a very personal choice but I can tell you that it represenets your best chance to preserve and possible reclaim your thinning hair.


I suggest creating a thread on our discussion forum. You will get many more responses there.


Best of luck!

David (TakingThePlunge)

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David is definitely right, persist with the minoxidil which should stabiise the hair loss and also use a hair loss shampoo such as profusion or nisim. Don't be scared of finasteride, just be aware that it isn't for everyone and if you get the side effects then stop using it, but I have known people take it for years with either no side effects or minor side effects. Finasteride does have the propensity to make your hair grow again, but be quick before the roots stop being viable.

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