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Dr. Yaman



Hello guys

I have been considering a hair transplant for some while now. My hair loss isn't that severe yet but my hairline is receiding and I'm gettin "high" temples. So I've searched the internet through like 50 times for finding good surgeons with a price not too high. I've been evaluated by several clinics to receive around 1500 crafts in order to fill my temples and lower my hairline a bit. It's not a lot compared to a lot of guys in here (no offense).

In my search I have come to meet Dr. Yaman. Looking at his website he has absoloutely amazing results. But I do not understand why he has been granted a recommendation in this network? I mean.. There are absoloutely NO reviews online with people who had a HT with him - talking about their experience and results. I've read a few reviews but they always end up not answering after a year which should be a huge warning sign in my opinion?? So even though he has great results on his website (almost every clinic has that...) I dont understand why the heck he has a recommendation in this network and I'm looking for answers so please fill in :)

Best regards



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