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Dr Acar/Cosmedica My Journey and experience 4100 grafts




Dr Acar/Cosmedica: My journey from bald to badass

I had been losing my hair since about the age of 26. My father, his father and my mothers father all suffered fro male pattern baldness so my destiny was already set in stone as far as I was concerned. I always knew I was going to go bald. But I hoped that by the time it happened to me that there would be a pill or a solution...sadly there was not. It wasn't until I was in my late 30's that I started seeing people who had had a hair transplant. Wayne Rooney was the first real transplant that caught my eye. I then became obsessed with this. However I am a "normal" guy and earn a "normal" wage and it was very evident that this treatment was not for people like me. I needed a lot of grafts and I couldn't even afford a few grafts. So I was back to square one. Then one day I was having my hair cut with a new hair dresser and she suggested I go to Turkey as it was much cheaper. I was sceptical and took it with a pinch of salt. However as the days passed I started to look on the net and discovered that they was offering maximum grafts up to 4500 in one session for on low price. Too good to be true I thought. So I got my head down and started to do my homework. I researched all the top clinics and one name kept coming back with amazing results ....Dr Acar & COSMEDICA Clinic. So I engaged the clinic and after seeing their before and after pictures and speaking with former patients I agreed a plan for my surgery and before I knew it I had booked my fights and I was off!

I left the UK and before I knew it I was in Turkey Istanbul. I came through passport control and as I left the airport I saw the transfer company name and then saw my name on their board. The guy that worked for the transfer company spoke perfect English and was actually an Australian/Turk who had moved back to Turkey. He was very friendly and we chewed the cud for a while before he led me to the transfer vehicle outside which was a MPV mini transporter. I was then handed over to the driver who also spoke very good English. The journey to the hotel took about 15 mins and we talked about Turkish and European politics and current affairs. He pointed out where the silk road was and showed me a few sites on the way; all very interesting. We then arrived at the hotel. The reception staff spoke perfect English and knew exactly who I was and what company I was with, so I felt very reassured. The hotel is a modern clean hotel and you can look it up on Tripadvisor to see it before hand. It is located right in the town centre and a stone throw from what can only be described as the Mecca of Kebab! (and fake goods lol) The Turkish people are, in general a very friendly sociable bunch (my experience) The hotel room was very nice. It had a tchibo coffee machine with pods, 2 bottles of water, tea bags and sweets. (all free) Plus all the usual soaps and stuff. The room also had a TV and most important of all the hotel has excellent and FREE WiFi! You’re not beating that! The bed was, I have to say extremely comfy so all in all my spirits were high. I was then contacted to say that I should go down in the morning and eat breakfast (again included in the price) and that he would send someone to meet and pick me up at 8.30 AM Breakfast was good with lots of choice of cereal, yogurts, fruit, breads and cooked food. Tea, coffee and juices were also on offer and included.

I was met by a lovely lady who spoke perfect English and we went to the hospital. The hospital is a modern private hospital. The doctors office is on the very top floor and so we went straight into his office where he was waiting for me.

My impressions of Dr Acar: The very second I shook his hand and looked him in the eye, I knew that I was in safe hands. Dr Acar is a very genuine person, softly spoken and has a lovely temperament towards people. He understood that I had flown miles from my home and I was scared and apprehensive about everything. He put me right at ease instantly. I also want to point out that the talk of money and exchange of money was the very last thing to happen and that It was actually me who wanted to get the money out of the way first. He was not worried or bothered by it one inch. I paid in GBP and that was that.

The doctor then explained the whole procedure to me and then went on to discuss how I would like my new hairline to look. I wanted it to look natural (as you would) and so I asked him to do this at his own judgement. At the end of the day the doctor has been doing this for some 10 years or so and he would know best. So he drew a hairline on and explained that I could have it lower but it would have an effect the density, which is common sense really. I had it designed slightly lower in the end but not by much. The nurse then took my blood for the PRP and the doctor asked me if I had any allergies to any medication. I am allergic to penicillin and so he made sure that my after care antibiotic medication reflected that. I then had photos taken for the before and after. I was then taken into a medical room, much like a dentists and was given a painkiller tablet. You are then asked to take off your top and they give you a gown, shave your head and then you lay on an massage table face down (there is a hole in the chair like a massage chair) The room had a TV in it so it was a good distraction. Then a nurse prepares your head with and give you the local anaesthetic pain killing injections. Once that has kicked in they then start to extract your follicles. The young nurse doing this is just like the doctor, very friendly and compassionate. All the way through they are compassionate and often ask you if you are okay. Once the grafts were taken, you are bandaged and then have a quick break for lunch which was brought into the room for me and was a juice drink, a Turkish bread roll and a chocolate cake (also included in the cost) and then its time for more injections in the top of your head and then the doctor makes the “slits” in which the grafts will sit. Then the grafts are placed back into your head and they also inject you with the PRP (which is also explained to you at the time) The whole process took 8 and a half hours. But because you have the pain killer tablet you will no doubt, like I, sleep for some of the transplant procedure which makes it feel quicker than it is. The injections, follicle extractions and transplants are all done by his team. The doctor does the “slits” which is no doubt the specialist part of the whole procedure as this will determine how your hair is going to look once it grows back. Once you’re all done you are taken back out to the doctor who debriefs you and explains how you should sleep the first night and what not to do (don’t touch the head lol) I was then told that they had transplanted 4100 grafts, of which some have 3 hairs, some 2 and some 1. So I would say roughly ten thousand hairs by my estimation. The procedure is painless because you are numbed up and have taken a painkiller. You will only need paracetamol to manage the after effects of the pain.

The doctor then explained that I was to be taken back to the hotel and I must eat and ask reception to book a taxi so I can go back to the hospital the next day before I flew home. I was told I should sleep at a 45% angle and I was given a free air neck pillow. I ended up sleeping sitting up right up the table with 2 pillows under my chin. I will say this though about the sleeping. You may not get much in the first few days because you are very conscious about messing things up so just do the best you can as its only for a few days. The next morning I took my medication and had breakfast and got the taxi back to the hospital.

Somehow left my phone in the back of the taxi on the way there and thought that I had just cost myself another £600! But the doctors assistant phoned the taxi rank and managed to get it back for me, which left me utterly AMAZED! She even told me not to worry! “I will have it back in 20 mins, don’t worry” AMAZING!!!!! That right there sums it all up for me, right there.

I then had more pictures taken and after a demonstration of how I should wash my hair (that first week with the shampoo and hair mousse product given to you, as are the weeks medication all included in the price) He also showed me tons and I mean TON’s of before and after pictures of his work. There were people from every ethnicity, young and old. So after all the debrief and chit chat he shook my hand and I was taken to a taxi and back to the UK I came!

Well as the weeks and months past I can only describe the results as purely AMAZING. I mean I will post my before and after pictures and you can judge for yourself. I use absolutely no products to thicken the hair. The only prducts I use are a styling wax.

I was overwhelmed by the results and service I received from Dr Acar and Cosmedica. My experience was better than excellent. Dr Acar is simply, in my opinion one of the very best hair transplant surgeons out there. He is relatively young (I believe he is about 38) and has a JCI accreditation from the USA. The hospital he operates in is an award winning hospital that is clean and modern. I have nothing but great things to say about Dr Acar and Cosmedica.

Please check out my before and after pictures and judge for yourself!

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Thanks for taking the time to write a nice story of your experience. Because of your article I will highly consider this doctor.

By the way you look great. The confidence alone in you before and after pictures say a whole lot. Congrats!

I am in the United States. I too am not made of a lot of money. So the price made me very curious. I searched Turkey and your blog and about 8 other came up. However, you are the only one that put time in explaining your procedure.

I hope you read this comment.


I would appreciate if you do can you answer a few questions for me?

-Did the Hospital or Drs. office book your trip for you?

-Was everything included in the price? (I assuming the flight was not included)

-Did you book your own flight?

-Did you feel safe in Turkey. (Funny, I have a fraternity brother from Turkey and he moved back when we graduated in 1985. Someone I can look up while I am there.)

-Last, How much did your whole out of pocket procedure cost you? Did you have to pay in cash? I know you are in a different country. I can Google the exchange.


Like I said, I hope you read this.

Thanks for any answers you can send my way. I will let you know If I go with this Dr.


Mark Hoffman

Alcoa, TN (USA)

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