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4000-4500 grafts with Dr Koray of Asmed in March 2017



It has been a long day coming! i am scheduled to see Dr. Koray the last week of March 2017. I have been losing my hair since I was roughly 12-13 years old. It started thinning in the front and then just kind of an overall thinning throughout my head. I had very thick hair as a child so I think this helped with me going so many years and it not being detected by others. Most still don't know now that my hair is thinning and I'm 32 years old. I can style it in a way where it isn't noticeable. But I am very nervous about the first few months after having the procedure. I have went so long with hiding it and now I'm gonna be showing everyone once it gets shaved. Also hiding the fact I am having a HT is a big concern. I'm going to try and wear hats to cover up and stay out of the social spotlight. Here are a few pics including my donor area


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