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2500 graphs with Dr Scott Alexander



Hello all reason I am writing this blog or review this to help other of hair loss suffers like myself. And also to show appreciation to Dr. Alexander and his staff.. This is probably the first review I have ever written so please bear with me if I leave out any details..

Excuse me if this review moves a little fast.. I'm sure no one wants to hear of my flight or what I ate this morning or how I even got to the hotel or the doctors office so I will skip that.. I arrived on October 4 at 7am at doctors office Anastasia was putting in the donor area and later in the recipient area.. They cut out the donor area as I did have a strip method of 2500 graphs which was recommended by Dr. Alexander as well as Spex.. I agree that they made the correct decision for my needs.. 2 months in scar is very fine..

We got on with the surgery at this point only thing that I was not too comfortable with was the needle that put in the anesthesia.. I wouldn't say it is painful but it definitely was comfortable.. But I doubt surgery has ever been a comfortable thing.. And that was mostly in the donor area in the recipient area you almost can't feel it.. For those of you thinking of an HT take my words littly as I am a baby when comes to needles.. Anyhow, after removing the donor area I was closed back up and that part was over with.. Then came lunchtime.. The doctors office provided lunch which was very nice of them and funny thing I can't remember what I ate.. But that also goes for what I ate yesterday.. Haha..

After lunch Dr. Alexander said a let's get a move on it, we don't want to leave the graphs out too long by the time I was pretty much ready to go. Now looking back I can't remember if the doctor made the holes in the recipient area before or after lunch.. It was pain-free so you didn't really know what was going on and when unless he told you.. I was fine with that I was just watching some movies and trying to forget I was even there.. Let's not BS each other no one wants to sit in a chair for 6 to 7 hours.. Although it does seem long the movies and the chats with the doctor and his staff made time fly by.. Next his staff come in and start putting in the graphs.. That probably took the longest.. Anyhow.. Everything was ready to go and so was I.. Left his office at around 630-7pm.. Got covered up and went back to my hotel... Only regret was not asking for more of those happy pills lol.. Would I do it again? Most definitely... It's been almost 2 months now so jus waiting for results.. At this point the graphs shed the hair which I hear is normal. I will post more pics of progress as more hair comes in.. Thanks for reading.. Thanks u Dr Alexander and Spex..


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