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3000 fue bisanga



Hi everyone

I'm 31 and from the uk. I've been losing my hair since I was around 21, at first it was pretty gradual but in my late 20s it really began to speed up. About 2 years ago I decided to see if there was anything I can do to slow/prevent or even reverse the hair loss. I'm not really keen on being on medication and because of the extent of my loss covering up was not an option. After hours and hours of research and months of consideration I decided that maybe a ht op was perhaps the way forward.

I don't really write on forums etc but feel that this forum gave me so much help that it was only right to give something back.

So, after a lot more research I came to notice that christian bisanga has a fantastic reputation and some really impressive results. So on April 2016 I booked a consultation in Brussels. Got Euro star there from London then a quick cab from Brussels station which only took a few minutes. On arrival I was greeted by hilde who was v friendly, offered me coffee etc. Then I had a quick consult with christian, he was also v welcoming and told me (later via email) that I am NW4V with medium/fine hair with a good donor of 80/80/100. He recommended that fue which is my preferred option would be suitable. I will need 3000 approx grafts for the frontal third to be filled and then a further op at a later date for the back/crown.

After a bit more research! I decided to go for it. So now 8 months later I will be in less than a week going on the 19/20th Dec to have the op!

I'm feeling very nervous but equally excited to start which I know will be a journey. Fingers crossed for a good result!!!!

I will obviously be posting pics throughout this journey.


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