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My Hair Transplant by Dr. Cinik in Istanbul Turkey 4200 Grafts. Istanbul, TR



My name is Rani, and I am from the UK. I had hair transplant in Turkey in Istanbul (in November).

I was very nervous and worried about flying out to another country and doing a hair transplant. After many months of research, I decided to go to Cosmedica and see Dr Cinik as he had the best reviews and a lot of experience in doing the operation.

When I arrived at the hotel I was thankful to meet lots of other people who were also having a hair transplant like me and other people who already had it done. I also decided to meet with Dr Cinik the day before to ensure I was happy with the Dr and clinic.

When I met Dr. Cinik he was really professional and friendly. He answered all my questions before the operation and on the day of the operation. I met with Dr Cinik after the operation to ensure everything went well, and his team were very nice and helpful. I have a very good result so far.

In the operation, the painful part are the anesthetic injections at the beginning. After that initial bit everything was ok. I also recognize my nerves and worried mind also added more anxiety that I didn't need.

If you have any questions about my experience with Dr Cinik, then please let know.


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It looks great. Can you possibly post more after pictures?

How many grafs did they put in?

Did Cosmedica do all the booking for you with procedure, hotel,flights, etc.?

Last, how much did cost you?

Hope this made a world of difference for you.



Alcoa,TN (USA)


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