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Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant

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Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is also popularly known as follicular transfer (FT). It is one of the two most practiced methods of extracting follicular units for a hair transplantation surgery. In FUE, harvesting is done by individually extracting the follicular units directly from the patient's donor area. This is done one at a time and is time consuming. Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE, is considered to be one of the fastest growing cosmetic treatments. Follicular Unit Extraction is also an internationally recognized treatment that is recognized by competent authority and organizations as an official successor to the traditional FUT hair transplant technique.

FUE is a skilled procedure and there are still very few surgeons and practitioners all over India who have completely mastered the Follicular unit extraction procedure. To learn this technique and develop a high standard skill, it requires considerable amount of both time and expense to.

In the past few years, the tools that are used for the FUE procedure have also increased in complexity. Some of the special Follicular extraction tools include the following systems:

  • SAFE system,
  • Alphagraft,
  • Neograft,
  • ARTAS system.

The newer devices still struggle with very little peer reviewed evidence based research when seen in the medical literature.

One important factor that judges a successful FUE is the survival of the grafted follicular units upon extraction from the scalp. It is seen that if the follicular units are transected during the extraction procedure, there is a greater chance that they will not survive post the transplant, and hence the entire hair transplant surgery will be a fail. However, constant efforts are exercised to decrease the rate of transection in the FUE procedures.

All said and done, the skill of the operating surgeon and the entire surgery team has to be expert to perform a flawless FUE procedure. The kind of instrumentation used also plays a major role in the quality and final yield of any hair transplant procedure and the viability of the follicular units. Graft survival is also influenced by the exposure time of the scalp to outside air and sun.

FUE harvesting of grafts causes "pit" scarring, small, round, and typically white scars in the patient's donor area where the grafts have been removed. However, the scars are difficult to spot in any normal length of hair by inexperienced eyes and are not ugly. FUE scarring differs from the scars of FUT as the latter leads to linear scarring of the donor area from where the strip of skin has been removed.

Another advantage of FUE is a very short recovery period. You can even drive yourself home just a few hours after the treatment! Also, FUE treatment is done without the use of scalpel or sutures. Thus the patient is not subjected to risks like the possibility of large scars, surgical pain (that may be a problem with other treatments like FUT). The complete healing process of the scar tissues depends on several factors like the type of extraction conducted, the operating surgeon`s skill, etc.

FUE hair tranasplant cost

Talking about costing of FUE, it depends on the requirement of the patient. If the hair loss is around level 2 or above, then the cost may go a little high. Most clinics do the costing basing on the number of grafts that needs to be implanted on the bald patch. Average cost per graft is from Rs.25–35 in India. Thus overall range for FUE is well between 35000 to 1, 50,000 (lakh) rupees. This rough idea will help you budget your FUE implant if you are planning for one soon. Hair transplant cost depend on various place, different clinic and surgeon to surgeon also.

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