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Teenage Alopecia: Fallout of Too Much Involvement in Social Media and Attachment with Smart phones



It has been revealed in studies and researches all over the world that teenage alopecia is mainly caused due to excessive anxiety and stress. Alopecia is a medical condition which affects the hair follicles, and results in the falling off of lumps of hair from the scalp. Almost 75% of hair loss from the scalp is caused by emotional and physical strain. This is a medical problem and has the nomenclature of telogen effluvium.

However, too much use of smartphones and constant engagement with the social media sites also has a very notable contribution in causing alopecia. It has been proved that more a person remains engaged in social sites like Twitter or Facebook. More his/her stress hormones are secreted, leading to a loss of hair and a distinct receding of the hairline.

How are Social Media Sites Responsible in Bringing about Stressful Condition and How That Causes Hair Loss

Researches among social media users have revealed that more than 55 % of those who hover over the social media sites day and night have agreed that their lives are full of emotional stress & health risks due to social media. More than 25% have confirmed that their stressful condition is at a maximum. On the other hand, among the non – users of social media, less than 50% declared that they had a lot of strain in life, while less than 25% said that they were extremely stressed out.

It is also a fact that the faction of the society that remains most active with social media sites are the young adults in the age group of 12 to 17 years. More than 75% of these young people have Facebook accounts and regularly remain hooked on to the Facebook. They mostly get overtly stressed out of virtual relationship crises, jealousy arising out of others’ lifestyles, or the anxiety caused after viewing the profiles of ex boyfriends and/or girlfriends.

Even the widespread use of smartphones for playing games mainly, causes a lot of tension. The stress levels of youngsters playing “Pokemon Go”, the mobile game that has become a global happening, have increased manifold.

Stress Has a Direct Impact on Loss of Hair

Stress causes a large number of hair follicles to become inactive and recede into a phase of rest. They then have a very short life span, as within a month or so, these hairs come off the scalp and you will suddenly find you have lost a whole lot of hair without any apparent reason. The comb or brush comes off with huge chunks of hair attached to the teeth; the bathtub or shower covered with your lost hair can give you an instant heart attack. However, doctors have good news for you. This kind of alopecia is not a permanent problem. As soon as you get the stressful condition under control and relieve your hormones from over-working, your hair loss will be checked significantly, and the hair follicles will be ready to bear new hair strands.

Alopecia at such an early age can be the cause of even more stress in the young adults. It is very difficult to make these young people see reason in the harm that they are causing to themselves and their hair by too much use of the smartphones and social media. But the anxiety caused can lead to many more complications as they grow up. A receding hairline in a teenage boy or girl can be a great dampener of spirits and self – esteem. Their confidence reaches the rock – bottom level and their performance in other fields, their careers, all get severely affected.

Remedial Measures for Teenager Alopecia

The only permanent solution to teenager alopecia is to counsel them into understanding the ill - effects of spending too much time with their phones and the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest. They need to understand that these sites as well as the smartphones have been created for our necessity; we have not been created to spend (read waste) our lives on them.

For finding solutions in hair replacement in case of teenager alopecia, you may make online search for the best non – surgical hair transplant Delhi & India near to your locality.




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