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Dr. John Diep or Dr. Jacques Abrahamian



Dear all:

I am seeking your profound knowledge, insight and expertise in selecting one of the above or any other HT doctors who you may consider to be extremely talented and consistent in yielding great results. wink_smile.gif

I am of ethnic decent so I am seeking a doctor who is capable of extracting graphs of these characteristic without damaging hair in the process. The hair tend to be curly and so it is much harder to extract as oppose to people of other ethnicity. I have done some research and consultation with Dr. John Diep, I am truly impressed with his before and after results and so he was at the top of my list. He has experience with ethnic clients as well, so that was indeed appreciated in my consideration. However their were a few clients who stated that the office feedback and aftercare is not so wonderful and so I am just asking for anyone who may have experience with the good doctor to give some insight on your respective experiences. shades_smile.gif

I have also done some research on Dr. Jacques Abrahamian who has also some exceptional before and after results, not as much ethnic B4 & after though as I would hope. Throughout his site his clients all boasted of how fabulous the customer service was and the aftercare was like La Hair Clinic holding their hand throughout the entire process. However, a great number of these clients don't seem to be posting there before and after results which is quite unusual confused_smile.gif although some people would like to keep their experience confidential which is understanding.

I have also conducted additional research and other doctors I wish not to speak of at this time as the above mentioned are the two I am considering, please provide your kind words and experiences as this would be deeply appreciated. regular_smile.gif





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