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My HT experience with Dr Bhatti about 2700 grafts



Hi All,

About me and hair loss:

I am 34 years old Indian living in Denmark. Started facing hair loss since the age of 26.

The baldness reached about norwood level 5-6 and I decided to do an HT.

I did some research regarding HT and finally decided that Dr Bhatti would be the best choice considering his track record and cost.

Finally decided to take the plunge on 15th March 2016.

Pre Op:

I reached Chandigarh on 14th March and met Dr Bhatti at his clinic.

We discussed the Hairline and he estimated that he would be able to extract around 3K grafts from the donor area.

Op Day:

The clinics driver picked me up from the hotel. At the clinic changed to operating clothes and then some blood tests were done.

Soon the HT procedure started with its initial phase of graft extraction.

It was almost painless except slight sting like feeling when the anesthesia was administered.

The extraction took about 2 hours.

Then there was a small break of 15 20 minutes and was offered some juice and biscuits.

In the mean time the number of grafts were counted.

The final number was about 2200 Odd grafts from back of head and about 500 grafts from the beard area.

Then the next phase of graft implantation begun, and was done in about 2.5 -3 hours.

Finally the HT procedure was done and then I was offered Lunch. After waiting in the clinic for about 2 more hours

the light bandage covering the grafts was removed and then I was briefed about the care to be taken for the first day.

Sleep was a bit uncomfortable due to the sleeping position at 45 degrees, but was manageable.

Next day at the clinic the dressing on the donor area was removed and was informed regarding the care to be taken for the first 3 weeks.

Was also given the required medication, shampoo and lotions to be applied to the procedure area and the donor area.

I stayed in Chandigarh for one week just to avoid the hassle of traveling.

Overall it was a great experience and I was glad that I selected Dr Bhatti for the procedure.

I would thank Dr Bhatti and his team for the consultations done and his skillful operational expertise.

His facility was well equipped and provided with all the required information and care.

There has been significant change in the way I look and has also boosted my personality.

Pics below:



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