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Rahal 1350 FUE, pics from day 1, 4 and 28



Hi everyone,

I had my FUE with Rahal. My counts are below. I'm extremley happy with the results so far. I stayed at the Rahal accomodation for 5 days and then took 5 days off work. I am at day 28 now. Most of the hairs have shed, and I have not had a single person ask or notice anything about my hair, just that I shaved it. The healing has been brillinat. Dr Rahal and his team were brilliant and I highly recommend to stay at their accomodation so that you are so close for any questions and a daily wash.

The posty op care was first class and they have cheked in with me a few times since the op. Now I just have to wait a few months until the first few hairs start growing and then it'll be 6 and 12 months updates from me.

1 unit graphs: 477

2 unit graphs: 722

3 unit graphs: 175

4 unit graphs: 2

Total graphs: 1376

Total Hairs 2,454.



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