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FUE – Rahal on Friday 23rd September



Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know Ive got an FUE booked with Dr Rahal on Friday.

I had an initial procedure performed by Dr Feriduni in 2013 (approx. 1,300 FUE extractions) into the front section to address natural thinning, which I am very happy about. At the time Dr Feriduni agreed on a conservative approach and he said as natural thinning occurs I may consider another procedure. He was spot on and I am greatly for his direction and advice.

I wouldve returned to Dr Feriduni however my only issue is I cant get enough time off work to go to Europe, and logistically it became challenging so I looked for Nth America options as they are either a drive or very short flight away, and it will allow me to still do some work remotely. As such, I narrowed my search down to Dr True, Dr Wesley and Dr Rahal.

My main focus is strengthening of the hairline and giving me more density - all three staff and/or doctors were great. I also spoke with two other doctors (so I checked with 5 in total), but I did not have as good connection on the other two (I would prefer not to name them on here, because they might be great for someone else, just not for me).

All three above said between 1000 – 1,200 FUE extractions, with the option for me to increase if Id like more placements / density, so that gave me comfort as well.


So far with Dr Rahals office I have mainly been in touch with Janice, who has been great. As this is my second HT procedure I think I have been quite comfortable with everything, so I had my blood work, financials, flights and accommodation organized between 1 and 3 months ago. I have tried not to think too much about anything else, rather, I have been happy with my choice and now its only a few days away.


I will update you all with the exact details, and post regular pics and updates for you to track the progress.


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