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Need help searching for the right FUE surgeon!?




I am 22 years old.

Over the past 2 years my hair has been gradually receeding to the point at which i am no longer able to style it without my hair loss being noticeable. I used to have a great thick quiff and although my father is fully bald I never worried about losing my hair due to both of my grand parents having a full head of hair with a mature hairline. A close family member has already undergone an FUE transplant with Dr Jose Lorenzo and he has given me a lot of advice on products to try/use and products to avoid. I feel that FUE transplant is my final option and im willing to through with it at a decent cost whilst being put in the right hands.

My image is a huge thing for me and my receeding hairline is shooting down all my confidence!

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If you want to go for the hair transplant at affordable cost, then you need to choose India. Because the cost of hair transplant is much cheaper than other country. I recommend Hair Transplant Asia. It provide world class treatment at affordable cost. You can check the hair transplant results: http://www.hairtransplantasia.com/.

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