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I am 26 years old, went through a hair straightening procedure 6-7 years ago, have been losing hair at moderate pace since then. Baldness runs in my family as well. At norwood 2 stage with less density in frontal area, i went through a 1000 graft hair transplant at Bangalore, India by Dr. Venkat charmalaya. It was a futile effort, i ended up with lesser hair on front, maybe due to shock loss and no additional regrowth, have also been on finasteride by dr. reddy;s for 6 months, no visible improvement. I seek help in choosing a doctor in India/Thailand.(Preferably India), A doctor who could assure results this time, as another futile transplant would deplete my donor supply and time. I would be grateful for your inputs, as this forum is my only ray of hope now.

I personally visited Dr. Tejinder Bhatti and Dr. Kapil Dua, while Dr.Kapil Dua gave me a lot of comfort and confidence, Dr. Bhatii's reviews seem better. Please suggest.




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