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Finding A surgeon in Australia



Hi Everyone.

I am a norwood 4 and have begun my research into getting a hair transplant sometime this year, in the coming months.

I would rather not travel overseas but open to travel anywhere in Australia to get this done. Having dome my calculations I would be looking at around 2000 to 2500 grafts.

My main issue has been finding the most suitable surgen to speak with, someone with a good reputation, wether it be FUE or FUT. Can anyone help with regards to this ? either through the personal experiences you have had or what you have seen throughout the year on this site as I only joined yesterday and finding it information overload.

I also wanted to know if going overseas would be a better and cheaper option ?

The doctors I have in mind due to what I have read on the internet are:

Dr Jeniffer Martinik

Dr Ray woods

Dr Knudsen

Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.


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