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Hair Transplant Results Dr John Diep Curly Afro Hair - Los Gatos, CA



If you have Afro hair Dr John Diep is one of the best if not the best surgeon who can restore your hair. His technique and sense of anesthetist are excellent, he clearly understand how hair works and how it should look like.

And he proves it with the multitude of video results on his youtube channel and with my own results.

I had 1713 FUE grafts and the Acell treatment for my hairline.

After the surgery:

- at 4 month I started to see growth.

-at 7/8 month most of the transplanted hair had regrow.

-at 12 month any remaining thinness was gone.

I did not use Minoxidil or any drug for hair loss.

I am very pleased with the result it looks so natural that I feel like this is how my hair always looked like.

I can even shave my head with a clipper without a guard the FUE scars are invisible to anybody who did not know that I had the procedure done.


Dr Diep Staff is as professional and nice than the doctor himself. They made me feel welcomed and was just nice people to talk with. Also for my post op care everybody was easy to contact and Dr Diep made sure to call me the day after the surgery to check if I was alright.


The results speaks for themselves.

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