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Hair Transplant Queries and PRP therapy



Hi all,

I came to know about this network from internet while searching for Hair transplant, I am from Pune, India.

I am loosing my hair from last two years but now it become severe as I have lost hair from my temples but most serious point is I am loosing lots of hair everyday.

I know loosing 70-100 hairs is normal but I am loosing more than 100 and not only from top of my head but from all over. I went to few clinics to discuss the same but they all talk about hair transplant but not my hair fall problem. I am ready for transplant but my main concern is hair fall.

I have few question which I guess you guys can help me with.

1. I am loosig hair with black bulb at the end, what are these? are these are hair follicles, if yes then will those hair will never grow back ?

2. If I go for hair transplant but keep on loosing hairs they do I have to go for another transplant ?

3. Do hair transplant is done on existing hair, I mean I have hairs on front but not on sides, If hair trasnplant occur to hair will be planted on existing front hairs ?

4. I don't want to take Propecia as I find out about its side effects on Internet and my age is 28 yrs, I afraid is I will have problems which will affect my sexusl life later.

5. Is PRP is good option to go for Hair loss, will my hair shedding stop/control with PRP.

6. If I Stop taking PRP in future then will I loose the hair all together or normal process of hair shedding will occur.

7. Thoughts on Low Light Laser Therapy.

I was a smoker used to smoke 20+ cigrettes in a day, but I have come down to 2 cig. per day. I know I cannot gain my lost hair but will my existing hair health will improve with this.


Please reply and help me


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