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Bosley/HCM 4 months post surgery



I'm only posting here because this site provided me with great information, opinions, and real world experiences while I was deciding to have hair transplant surgery or not. If you have seen the results of one surgery, you've seen the results of just one surgery. That's the motto I take from this site and the collection of real life stories posted here.

I'm now four months removed from my own surgery, conducted April 1st by Dr. Krenitsky in Columbus, Ohio. I decided to utilize the Bosley/Hair Club for Men (HCM) corporation for my treatment after two years of research and reading. At first I had no idea that the two corporations were connected, so if anyone is confused or researching one or the other, they are the same parent company. Googling Bosley or HCM surgeons, prices, etc will lead you to the same answers. That said, my local place was HCM, and very informative.

I had my surgery just a month before my 31st birthday, finally ready to do something about my Norwood V scalp. The prices had gone up a bit from my initial consultation in 2013, but that was to be expected I presume. Overall I was able to purchase 2,000 grafts at a competitive price, knowing bonus grafts would essentially be included for free due to the amt of follicles on the back of my scalp. The entire process lasted roughly 7 hours from payment to sending me out the door. It wasn't painless, but it was definitely tolerable. My physician and nursing crew did a great job throughout the process IMO.

I felt like Frankenstein initially the stitches and bandages and outlined hair line, but I quickly got over that and my scalp also quickly healed. I didn't miss a day of work after the Friday surgery. To my knowledge I lost a total of 4-5 follicles post surgery due to bumping my head on the car entry and accidentally scratching a little too high on my forehead. I figured that's not a bad amount. After 4 months, I'm quite happy with the progression of the newly implanted follicles. Will continue to update.





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