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Approaching on my 2nd FUE operation



Hello all,

I had a 2000 graft FUE operation in October 2014, and am thrilled with the results. There is some room for improvement, so I scheduled a second operation, but this time for only 800 grafts, also FUE. My concern is, is there a possibility that the new grafts could cause permanent shock loss to the grafts from the first operation?

i researched this topic extensively and found little discussion on this topic (aside from one individual who seemed to be in an utter panick about his second procedure, and of course never followed up with his finalized results.)

my goals for this upcoming FUE procedure is mainly to thicken up the center of the front of my scalp, where it's still somewhat thin and the light shines through it, as well as thicken up my crown which too is also quite thin.

thanks in advance



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