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FUE with Dr Bhatti in India



Hi all.

I had my first FUE procedure with Dr Tejinder Bhatti last week and I wanted to share my experience.

My background

I am a 37 year Indian citizen from New Jersey, US. My hairline started to recede around 8 years ago from the front, top and crown. I have not used any medication. My hair fall stabilized about 2 to 3 years back and I am a early Norwood 4

Selecting a clinic

I found HRN by chance and started looking at hair specialists and was impressed with Dr Radha first and wanted to go with her. Then I saw Dr Bhatti's work and was impressed with his work and also I felt FUE is the way to go than FUT to avoid strip on the back. Once I decided, I just sent a mail to Dr Bhatti with pictures and he gave an estimate for 2800 grafts, I booked a flight from US for 1300 USD and asked Dr Bhatti to book a hotel for me. The process was very easy with a few calls late night or early morning.


I reached chandigarh at 7 PM and Docot Bhattis manager sent me some medicines with the driver who came to pick me up. Chandigarh is good and felt safe. The positivie thing is, in Delhi while taking the connecting flight, I had forgotten to pick up my hand bag and was doing window shopping for 2 hours and then when I realized I forgot my bag and went back running to security check, my suitcase was right where I left it :-) . Anyways I took the pills from Driver and slept for the night.


Next day, I reached the hostpital at 7 AM. A blood sample was taken for the test. After a quick tea and biscuit, the surgery started at 8 AM. First was extraction which lasted for about 2 hours. Doctor Bhatti did this by himslef and he started with giving Anesthesia. It was a bit painful and then he extracted the grafts using the punch. That was painless due to the anesthesia. He got around 3300 grafts for me. Then Dr did the punches for the grafts in the skin. this again was for 2 hours. After the end of this, I did feel like my head was very heavy. For about a hour, I did feel the trauma and was wondering if this was worth it. But when I sat up and planting of the grafts started, it was again back to normal. The planting of the grafts was completely done by 3 or 4 ladies. Front and hair line planting took around 2 hours and Vertex planting after lunc took around 1 hour. We were done by around 4 PM and they asked me to stay around for 1 hour and then the after care was informed.


Recommended Comments

From Day 3 I have started experiencing 2 issues:

1) A very sharp prickly pain has started in my donor area and it has increased to a level of 7/10 by Day 5. I did some research and it turns out this pain is common for FUE patients. I was not aware of this when I had gotten the procedure. It looks like the nerves in Donor region give lot of pain for about 2 weeks and in some cases 6 weeks. I hope my pain goes away in 2 weeks.


2) Liquid started to store in my forehead and then under my eyes. My eyes are half way closed and seems like this will last for 3 days to 1 week.



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congratulations for your hair transplant. how many grafts have you gone for and how many in crown area

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Hi Everyone.I am planning to go for a HT, my grade is 6 and i live in Delhi.Have visited Berkowits, Aravali, Dr Pauls, Provelous and Elegence Clinics.Not able to conclude.please suggest if anyone has been to either of these.I find Provelous and Aravali better although.Rest are giving better pricing and following up regularly.Any idea about Aravali.Thanks 

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Hi hb 1975

I am Rohit I also visited provelus it look ok to me but I am searching more .don't go to anyone because of pricing because u have limited donor area.i am also searching for good Ht surgeon in India I think v r in the same situation so I would like to talk to u my contact no is 8053878430.

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