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My hair loss journey




My name is Adil and this is my hair loss journey which goes all the way to having a hair transplant surgery. First, I would like to introduce myself and share little bit about me so you all have an idea as to what stage of this journey I'm at.

I was aged 20 and had a thick full head of hair just like every 20 year old does.. My passion for fitness and having a face to go with my hair, I was looking forward for a bright career in many fields of modelling. I then moved to the U.K to complete my higher studies which took me about 2 years and during my last semester I started noticing that grooming my hair had become a bit of time consuming as my hair strands took a lot of work to keep it standing upright, but I did not notice or even think what it might mean considering I never thought I would be one of those people who suffer from hair problems.

Fast forward to when I turned 22 and had just made my way back to my home in Dubai completing my honors in accounting and finance.By then my hair was still in a very healthy condition. One fine day my mum pointed out to me that she could see a little bit of my scalp in my crown and I went bonkers. I started to research about what could have caused it and what is the solution. Being very new to hair loss I Began to confuse myself with millions of hair solutions that I thought would magic back all the hair.

Then I stumbled upon a clinic which offered hair loss solutions, in no time I was at their clinic for them to provide me with their magic. They offered me a bottle of liquid containing numerous extracts and charged me 120 dollars a month and asked me to apply 3 ml twice before bed. Everything was fine and I started using the liquid religiously everyday and it got to a stage in 18 months of using it where I got annoyed of applying this liquid every night and then having to wash it the following Morning.

By then I was 23 and was about to turn 24 in few months and I started to research a lot about hair loss and what it's permanent solution was. There were 2 options that I could narrow down through my research that a drug called Propecia and the second being a hair transplant. I first opted to use Propecia after so many mixed reviews I wanted to try it out for myself before passing any judgement.

I've been on Propecia for about 7 months now and yes I've noticed a decrease in my sexual desires but not to the exaggerating point where I can't get a hard on.

I still get rock hard and have a stable sex life and I've started to notice that my head has stopped shedding lot of hair.

More on what I did after this in my next blog..

Cheers !


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