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23 year old beginning his hair restoration experience




The title of this blog says it all. I am a 23 year old male who is suffering from hair loss. I first noticed that I was losing my hair at 16 years old. I have a family history of baldness (all losing there hair at a very young age) from my dad to grandpa to great grandpa to my cousins, so it was destined for me to lose my hair. Once I started losing my hair i tried to accept it but slowly became self concious about it. As a senior in highschool, you could see signs of thinning but I still had enough hair to not worry about anything really and I had a girlfriend who would support me with or without hair (young love haha). The next year I moved away to college and still more thinnning occured and receeding begain to happen. It was not till my Junior year of college that I started being very self concious about this problem. From Junior to Senior year I never left the apartment without a hate. As most of my friends didnt understand what i was going through they didnt get why I was so worried about losing hair. I begain to be overcommed with looking at other peoples hair and being so envyious of what they had and there lucious locks. Me being in a Fraternity also didnt help much. As much as I loved the ecperiences and frirends I made I became slowly depressed with not being able to have a normal college expreence never having to worry about wearing a hat or if people were going to make a comment about my hair. Anyways, after graduation I got a job and started to save some money. A year passed and for a while I was begining to again accept the fact of going bald. Then I changed jobs to a sales position (still being on my college campus and knowing many people when I went out). Being around old friends and new people all day balding finally became a problem. My hair was very thin and I looked about 35. People would be shocked when I told them I was only 23 years old. Also, many people dont realize how some comments that they make about you being bald can ruin your whole day and makes you think about balding all the time. I started becoming more depressed and started looking for solutuions. I started doing research in hair transplants. I googled some of the best US doctors and came across a clinic in Chicago (honestly can not remember there name but very well known its the one that did Brian Urlacher). I live in Michigan so this was perfect for me. I took a couple days off work in October 2015 and went to visit the clinic for a hair assestment. Right away I just got a weurd vibe. They started talking about weed and just seemed very disinterested. I went into a room and they took many picutres and after about 20 min they said that I i will not have enough donor hair on my sides and back of my head to make the transplant look good. Also with being so young if i lose more it would look terrible. But they did say the doctor will look over the pictures and get back to me in 2 weeks either way to confirm decision (never heard from them again). I begain to look at other options. I did research on propecia and as desperate I was I was willing to try it out and hope I had no side effects. I went to two dermotogly places and neither one would prescribe it to me.They did not feel comfortable as a doctor giving a drug that could potentially ruin his reproduction capiablities in the future. After all this I thought hope was lost. Rogaine was not a option for me becuase it basically maintains hair and I didnt have to much to maintain haha.

Then I stumbled upon Dr. Umar (Fine Touch Deratology, Rendondo Beach, CA). My life hopefully was about to change. Dr. Umar uses body hair in his transplants unlike any other doctors I read up on. Me being 100% itlianian I knew that my body hair might one time become a savior and this may be it. I did extensive amount of reserach on Dr. Umar and majority of what I read was very positive. I decided to do a online hair assestment. Within 24hrs I recieved a replay saying I am a canadate using hair from my beard and head. I was sold! Dr. Umar is alittle pricey but you have to pay for quality. I researched some more, consulated family and friends and decided to book a date for April 13th 2016. Dr. Umar and his receptionist answered any and every question i had by email and phone at any time. We decided on 4500 grafts. majority from hair. He did tell me down the road maybe 5-10 years i will probably need more surgery to fill in more hair loss spots but I choose to go through with it now because you will never get back your 20s. To me happiness means way more to me then money.

I just came back from Cali today and I wanted to give up to date progressions and feedback. Throughout the whole process at the clinic Dr. Umar and his staff was nothing but a class act. They treated me like I was there most important patient. It was a 3 day surgery and pretty extensive. Each day was about 12 hours longer but they always made you feel comfortable with drinks, food, tv whatere. It was 8 dollars a graft and I need 4500 so do the math haha it wasnt cheap. I will post pics daily on progress and answer any and all qestions!

The hardest part for me before choosing surgery was I felt like i couldnt find people my age or hair loss servirity similar to mine. I want to help anyone going through this process. I am no expert this is just my experience.


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