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Dr. Glenn Charles is the best



Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with everyone my experience with Dr. Glenn Charles (Boca Raton, FL). I am a 31 year old periodontist in Vero Beach, Fl. I have been losing hair on the crown of my head for 6 years and I have been thinning on the top of my head for the past 3-4 years. As a periodontist I treat people surgically on a daily basis. I know what to expect for my patients but this procedure was relatively unknown to me. I did, however, become very comfortable with Dr. Charles' office after my first conversation with Alexia (front office) as well as telephone conference with Dr. Charles. My biggest concern was predictability and intra-op/post-op discomfort. I cannot comment on the success of the procedure because I had the procedure completed yesterday (4/8/16). I am writing mainly to describe my surgical experience and post-op pain. This is a FIRST CLASS office. Patient comfort is their #1 priority and Dr. Charles did not initiate any treatment until confirming that I was 100% comfortable. They offered me a valium to relax me prior to beginning (I had to have a driver to drop off and pick up) and administed local anesthesia throughout the procedure. He was constantly confirming that the area was numb. Being a surgeon myself, I know how important this is. The grafting procedure took approximately 5 hours and I received 2250 grafts. His staff seemed incredibly well trained and we never once encountered a hiccup. The day after I can confirm that post-op pain is at a minimal, no need for narcotics to control any pain and I plan on returning to work on Monday (3 days post-op). I have a very strict level of expectation given my occupation and Dr. Gleen Charles, and his staff, exceded those.

I have shared photos from before my procedure and immediatly following my procedure.



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