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Advice needed.!



Hi all, just thought I would seek advice on my situation right now. I'm 26 physically fit and eat quite well.

i started noticing a small thinning patch on the crown probably 3 years ago now and didn't think much of it, thought it was just a phase or something. Now over time that small patch has turned into a small fist size and hair has gotten quite thin compared to all other areas of my head. I seeked the doctors advice and started finesteride around 5 months ago now and have seen basically no results at all. My hair in thinning area has turned a light blonde compared to the rest of my medium brown hair. Does this have something to do with the finesteride? I have had blood tests numerous times just to make sure it wasn't my thyroid playing up but results came back all good. Most of my hair I'm happy with its just that area on the crown. Is it worth sticking with finesteride or should I look at other options. This is starting to get to me a bit now and don't do some things such as swim or in most cases wear a hat to cover up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Matt.



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