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What is Mosaic® Hair Restoration?



Mosaic® Hair Restoration is a new approach to hair transplant that has been developed exclusively by Drs. Bernard Nusbaum and Paul Rose at the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami. This article provides in-depth information on the procedure.

Transplant 101: From Exam to Restoration

Surgical hair restoration is truly fascinating. Conceptually, the procedure has one goal: To extract hair from one area of the scalp, and relocate (transplant) it to other areas affected by thinning, shedding, or balding. With that in mind, hair transplant procedures can be analyzed according to 4 critical phases. They include:

1. Examining the donor area: This is a major part of determining patient candidacy. In this phase, the surgeon will examine the area from which donor hair will be extracted to ensure enough healthy, viable grafts can be obtained to complete the procedure.

2. Extracting donor hair: This phase occurs during the actual procedure. Donor hair can be extracted through manual “strip” harvesting or follicular unit extraction (FUE). The latter is achieved through the use of a special punch instrument that measures just a couple millimeters in diameter, which is used to “scoop” minute clusters of hair follicles.

3. Separating donor grafts: Following extraction, donor grafts are separated and prepped for transplant. In this phase, it is vital that each graft is preserved and remains viable for transplant.

4. Restoring the recipient area: Perhaps the most important phase, restoration of the recipient area is achieved by surgically implanting each graft along the patient’s hairline, crown, or other areas affected by hair loss.

Why Mosaic®?

Surgeons are often selected based on their track record for creating a natural end result. It is not uncommon for patients to scour the Web, pouring over endless product endorsements, patient testimonials, and galleries of before and after photographs. Most are looking for the same thing: Assurance that their hair will not just be restored, but also returned to the state it was before hair loss began.

Mosaic® Hair Restoration has been developed to meet that need. Commenting on the procedure, Dr. Bernard Nusbaum explains:

We have observed that follicular units naturally occur in an arrangement consisting of unique percentages of one, two, and three hair follicular units in different mixed configurations with unique inter-follicular distances –in other words: a unique pattern for each individual. Our novel procedure consists of designing the recipient area in this individualized manner, different for each patient, mimicking their unique follicular unit arrangement pattern and have termed this the Mosaic® Hair Restoration.

Visit the following link to learn more about hair transplant in Miami.


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