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8 Weeks post op



So I thought this would be a good time for an update and document with some photos as this is hopefully the jumping off point now that I hit the two month mark this week.

Two months have passed, so now it's time for some hair to grow! There has been some activity, some little sprouts coming through the formerly barren soil that was my scalp. There is still some noticeable discoloration to the recipient area, so I'm hopeful that eventually this fades. I have fairly light skin and it gets irritated easily. Fortunately I'm a taller individual so most people aren't looking at me from this angle.

I have returned to all my normal exercise activities although I wear a baseball cap in the daytime outdoors to protect the grafts from the sun. The donor area is looking better, but a #2 clip is the shortest I can go without it being very noticeable.


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