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After Going Under a hair Transplant in Turkey

Dr. Yetkin Bayer


Pieces of Advice after the Hair Transplant Procedure

Most patients feel a little pain after the hair transplant procedure which is controllable with pain killers. It is a mild pin that is considered as a temporary side effect of the hair transplant procedure.

First Day and Week after the Hair Transplant Procedure

The first day after the procedure baby shampoos or any other mild shampoos can be used as a primary procedure. The pressure of the shower should be low, or preferably the patient should use the traditional technique in washing their hair by using a cup.

The most important thing is to wash hair gently and the water used should be warm or even a little cold with low running water pressure using an adjustable shower tap or better by using a cup to wash the area.

Try not to touch the planted area with your fingers and anything else in the first three days after the hair transplant procedure. In the fourth day after the procedure you can apply the shampoo and rub it with the tips of your fingers gently and in a circular movement taking into account the direction of the hair transplant.

Tips for Taking Care of your Hair after the Transplant Procedure

After the hair transplant procedure do not cover your hair and leave it to the dry hair. Do not use hair dryers or any other tools or hair products in the proceeding days to the procedure. When combing your hair make sure that the comb does not come in contact with the transplanted follicles.

You can go back to your old shampoo ten days after the procedure or according to the doctor’s orders.

Follow all directions given to you by the treating doctor after the procedure on how to use the hair dryer, shaving, hair dying or using chemical treatments and when it possible to use Rogaine.



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