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I noticed the first signs of my hairloss in my early 20s, when I was showering I would see hairs falling out. I got it checked with a few GPs at that time and it was diagnosed as MPB -Hooray! It seemed that I was following the foot step of my dad (NW5)! … But at the beginning I wasn't that concerned.

When I was 26, I could see my temples were receding. People were cracking joking about my "bright" bald head in near future, and still I wasn't really bothered. It was around that time that I started using Rogaine (on and off) to at least slow down the problem.

When I was 30, my mature hairline was evident but I cloud still deal with it - as I thought it would be a normal part of aging and I never thought it would necessarily get worse. However, when I turned 33, it was about the time to face a serious challenge in my life... I realised that it was thinning all over my scalp! I vividly remember the first time that I saw it in a mirror (I had never checked the back of my head in a mirror till then), and I saw a large thinning spot on my crown and - it was horrifying. I really wanted to do something; I saw a GP again and was prescribed with Propecia, on top of my existing Rogaine regiment. But for side effect concerns (I was actually warned by a chemist when I wanted to fill my prescription), I didn't get on Propecia and kept using Minoxidil. My hair loss was deteriorating and I had no choice but to cut my hair short and shorter. I tried really hard to deal with it, to be the guy who could comfortably embrace the baldness; but it didn’t work for me… I hated all those damn days that I had to go to the local barber to get my routine #1 buzz cut - It wasn't me and I wasn't happy... I knew that one day I would need to fix it properly.

I was doing my research for nearly 3 years until I finally decided to proceed with hair transplant surgery. I contacted number of clinics, including H&W. David (patient advisor) answered all my questions in a timely manner and helped me to have more realistic idea of the procedure.

It took a while to be able to take the plunge; I knew that it would be expensive so I had to save money for years; and I knew that my first surgery would be my best chance, so I wanted it to be done by the best surgeon - I chose Dr.Victor Hasson of Hasson & Wong in Vancouver.


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