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Hello to anyone who is following,

so I'm at the 3-4 week period following surgery. Part of me still can't believe I went through with it. All of the things I have read are true. Shedding, almost looking like I did pre surgery etc. Really excited though because I clipped my horseshoe hair and front with a number 2 setting on the clippers and things are looking good. My donor areas don't look that bad any more, they are starting to grow in as the doctor had previously shaved those in for surgery. So I'm almost back to the original status but I can see some transplanted areas that will fill in. Feeling really optimistic as I see what the hairline will be. The best thing is that at a #2 setting on the clippers, I'm almost hiding the donor area, not quite but almost. I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Long way still to go but feeling like the worst may be over almost 4 weeks post surgery. I'll post some pics when I see some positive growth.


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