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My hair transplant story.



Hi Everyone,

I am 31 year old hair loss sufferer, Class 5.

I have been passive reader of hairtransplantnetwork for around six months now and found it very helpful in finding doctor and making my hair transplant decision. So, thought of telling my HT story.

After few months of research I decided go to forward for HT with Dr Tejinder Bhatti.

After few discussions with Dr Bhatti we booked HT date on 1st Dec 2015. So, I met Dr. on 28th and 30th November to discuss my hair line and set the expectations. Dr. patiently answered all my queries. After considering few options we aggreed on the hairline with the bigger forehead as I was looking for a dense hairline.

On 1st of december procedure was started on 7.30 am and went until 5.30 in the evening with 3300 grafts for the head and 500 beard grafts.

HT Procedure experience:

I was well informed by Dr. Bhatti during the procedure about what is currently going on and what is coming up next. Also, Dr. Bhatti kept me engaged with past HT and their success stories which was motivating. Entire procedure was pretty smooth with constant feedback and updates from Dr Bhatti and his team.

Dr. Bhatti has a very kind and supportive staff which only helped during the procedure. Special mention for Shalini one of the senior staff members, she was professional at the same time friendly during and post procedure.

All in all my experince with Dr. Bhatti was very good. I will be posting my hair progess photos first week of every month on the below link.



I have posted pre and 7 days post pocedure photos.

I have completed a month and will post this month photos in a day or two.

Hoping for good results.





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