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2206 grafts on December 19, 2015 with Dr. Tejinder Bhatti.



2206 grafts on December 19, 2015 with Dr. Tejinder Bhatti.

417 singles

1073 doubles

716 triples

Hi everyone. I have suffered from hair loss (runs in my family) for the last many, say 8-10 years, but the condition

aggravated in the last 3 years. Have read this forum for the better part of this year before taking the plunge - my first

FUE transplant.

I would post my pics and review here so as to help anyone facing similar questions that I did for a while.

I belong to India and stay in Delhi, so Dr. Bhatti's clinic is only a 5 hour car drive.


Drove down a day before the procedure for pre-op counselling with Dr. Bhatti (largely hair line drawing, no. of grafts

required, the doctor is patient and addressed all my queries, pertinent or otherwise). The next day I had a light


and reported at the clinic at 9.30am (2nd case for the day).

Met Dr. Bhatti and re-discussed the hairline - I discussed my comments on the hair line height higher than my native

hairline and roundness/ irregularity of hairline (did not want a very aggressive hairline). Dr. Bhatti was patient and

suggested not trying to replicate childhood hairline due to limited donor supply and in general mature hairline being

higher. He did agree on making the hairline more natural by having random irregularity. There is a small bunch of hair

somwhere in between the crown and the recepient area, which Dr. Bhatti suggested not to transplant (due to shock loss

considerations) as he deemed it was only thinning. Likewise, for the crown, doctor suggested medication and not transplant

to maintain it. I trusted his judgement.

Once done, had some pics of hariline clicked by Dr. Bhatti and hair buzzed down. Routine blood tests are run by the team

there. Dr Bhatti administers the anasthesia aided by his assitants, and for graft extraction from donor area (back and

sides of head) used a machine, which made sort of a light grinding noise for like 30-45 mins with breaks. From what I

could tell, the grafts were then extracted by technicians, who all seemed qualified.

Post the extraction, had a quick lunch arranged by the clinic from Hot Millions.

Dr. Bhatti then made the punches for hair plantation on recepient area - sort of crispy punchy noise you hear for 20 odd

mins from the machine. Not painful though, apart from the injections of anaesthesia which are a little painful. The grafts

are placed by Dr. Bhatti's team, and the doctor stepped in once to check if I was ok. The team looked skilled and went on

with their job with light instrumental music in the background. As the next day was off (Sunday), the team, somewhat

understandebly, was looking/discussing to finish the transplant asap and did close the job by 4.30pm (around 2hrs 30 mins

for placing the grafts) regularly checking with me if I was ok. Though I do feel that having the doctor check the final

hairline and graft placement more often would be better for the patients.

Thereafter, Dr. Bhatti did the dressing and advised me to report in the morning for hair wash and re-dressing, which is

done by his team. Followed by a comprehensive post op care briefing/ meds.


Like anyone would be, I had questions about this surgery. But, in the end, I'm glad that I did it. I was told by Dr.

Bhatti that I have good donor area and I think the 2/3s of grafts were good - I've got high hopes for my hair growth. Dr.

Bhatti seemed very nice and proficient in his work. I went by his suggestions for the hairline and leaving out the middle

part/crown to medication rather than transplant. I don't think I have any major adverse experience with Darling buds

clinic, and am hopeful and looking forward to my result.

I'm posting some of my surgery pics here.Thanks for reading and I would appreciate if the experts here can provide their

feedback on my surgery. For anyone wanting to know more about the clinic/ surgery, please feel free to ask questions here

or PM me.

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What density was this done at? Could the doc have given denser packing? Check out another blog for a lesser area transplant by Dr koray ... From Turkey (posted by Ersko72). He put 3300 in lesser area. Was it due to lesser donor area availability?

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