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Bring back my hair!



In December, I had to consult a doctor. Recommended for 1/4 Proscar pills instead of Propecia, which is more expensive and are not registered with us.

After receiving the 1st day I have any discomfort in the prostate, which took place only a couple of days. Rnashe never happened! I wrote about this in the forum (though the message is somehow erased ...) The answer was roughly: can not singly receiving Proscar lead to such effect. So I'm lying! Yeah ... And I dug the Internet infu that reputable scientific studies conducted Proscar showed that those who use it significantly increases the risk of other cancers, and for the treatment of prostate cancer are different options - the results of the use of medication (low efficiency and a lot of side effects with a high probability of their manifestation !!!) on it to me, too, there is something said - but still connected with it was apparently removed ...

A parallel I sent a request to the company MSD, and which produces both drugs. Here's a query I sent:

Data on efficacy in hair growth when applied in smaller doses Proscar no, not carried out and global clinical trials, after which it is possible to use Proscar is guaranteed to call on such medical conditions. Proscar officially shown only for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. It can not be as accurately split the pill in order to get the dosage corresponding to a daily dose of Propecia.

If you read all our posts on our forums about the replacement of one to the other, then you will see that our point of view largely coincides with the position of the manufacturer. The possibility of replacing finasteride to accept a much stronger drug is dictated solely by economic considerations of our patients and visitors to this forum. Some consider it possible such a change, some do not. For example, one thought it best to take the drug only that for him to buy abroad. You have been very concerned about the relatively high cost of the conventional Propecia prescription UK, for this reason, the doctor has made you aware of the cheaper alternative, which by the way is widely used in our home and abroad.


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