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Hair Transplant



I have recently done Hair Transplant in Turkey and cost include traveling and Clinic was quite good, the more important is Hair Transplan so cost will be second, However it comes to speak at the end .

It is common to do hair transplant in cheap countries but when it comes to Clinic and Businesses , we all say Does it worth to go and do it in there?

I have taken risk but before a little bit of question, suggession and research and making all clear to myself ( with still doubt) I went to do it. But now afer just 10 days I have done hair transplant, I feel it was worth it, however it is too soon to say that but It seems the Clinic was quite well presented and responded to my questions and the traffic in there saied to me that the Doc should be experienced and well-known. I did not see many feedback on his website but I did trust to those people than arranged my travelling which is Fly Health travelling company , who arranged my acclinic and accommodation and traveling . The suite was ok and more important is Clinic.

I am happy with their service.

I have given Propercia by the Doctor for density and told that I use Foam, Regain after two months of surgery.

one day after surgery I had a big head and I went to sleep for 3 days with aliitle bit of walking during day and swelling disappeared quickly with the help of Ice compress. I have then gone to Clinic to wash my head, I have given shampoo and lotion to wash my head.

I also given medicine by Doc to thining my blood for better circulation and avoid distruption because of surgery and just used then for 3 or 4 days after surgery.

It seems quite easy process and healing very fast but still have some pain on the areas that taken folliculs esp when I sleep for long hrs.

I have given a link in here anyone have a question from the company who arrange the traveling and surgery for me, you may not know Turkish language if you traveling there to do hair transplant like me, I am just here to leave my experience to the end and see what will be the result of hair transplant and dont advertise any one or companies.


you need to ask all questions you have from them and ask them to give you all you need to know on the paper.

G Luck



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